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Improving Examination Performance
How to Write a Demand Letter
How to Write a Legal Argument
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 The History of Ireland in Word and Song
 The Universe and Multiple Reality�A Physical Explanation for Manifesting, Magick and Miracles


An Eagle Spoke
She Lifts Her Lamp
Millennium Christmas


Airline Liability for Loss, Damage or Delay of Passenger Baggage, 12 Fordham J. Corp. & Fin. L. 735 (2007)
Remedies for Loss, Damage or Delay of Airline Luggage, 54 Louisiana Bar Journal 257 (December 2006)
Your Rights if Arrested in England, 32 Southern University Law Review 205 (2005)
On Studying European Law, 18 Tulane European & Civil Law Forum 61 (2003)
Slavery Returns, 147 New Law Journal 1842 (London:  December 21, 1997)
Seeing in Black and White, Part I, 144 New L.J. 1249 (London:  1994)
Seeing in Black and White, Part II, 144 New L.J. 1287 (London:  1994)
Sovereignty, Statehood and Self-Determination, 15 N.W.J. Int'l Law 231 (1994)
A Review of 1994 in Louisiana Family Law, 22 Southern U. L. Rev. 193 (1995)
Racial Disparities in Bar Examination Performance, 40 La. Bar J. 483 (Feb. 1993)
          Tables and Footnotes to above article
Consequence of Default to the Debtor, 18 Southern U. L. Rev. 21 (1991)
Ponderings Over a Pint of Harp Lager, on Irish history
Thoughts Over a Glass of California's Juciest, on the O.J. Simpson trial


Cassidy disappoints already, The Advocate, 26 December 2014
Let children hear evolution debate, The Advocate, 14 June 2011
GOP didn't keep budget cut promise, The Advocate, 25 April 2011
Priority mail delivery unsatisfactory, The Advocate, 26 December 2008
Congress emulating Stalin, Castro, The Advocate, 17 January 2008
Repeal Louisiana 'firearm-free zone' law, The Advocate, 21 April 2007
Shooting back could save lives, The Advocate, 20 April 2007
On lighting the crosses at I-10 and Siegen, The Advocate, 19 September 2006
Book of Daniel' television series offensive, The Advocate, 11 January 2006
Unhappy with garbage collection efforts, The Advocate, 15 October 2005
Don't widen streets; time lights better, The Advocate, 26 November 2004
Cross lighting wastes energy, The Advocate, 17 September 2004
Make Mars landing a priority, The Advocate, 5 February 2003
The time has come for action, The Advocate, 29 October 2002
Project foe responds to column, The Advocate, 1 July 2002
Issues in Judicial Selection, Louisiana Bar Journal, June-July 2002
Nuke 'em to a glow, The Advocate, 13 September 2001
Respect must be earned - that includes the police, Cincinnati Post, 14 May 2001
Never give apology to China, The Advocate, 10 April 2001
School bus driver violations, The Advocate, 20 March 2001
Quality leadership costs, even the elected kind, The Times-Picayune, 7 February 2001
Paying for our public officials, The Advocate, 2 February 2001
EPA and traffic signal timing, The Advocate, 26 September 2000
State Police must change, The Times-Picayune, 25 June 2000
Hypocrisy on Cuba, The Dallas Morning News,, 19 June 2000
Cars should be promoted on their merits, The Royal Oak Daily Tribune, 19 June 2000
Saturn workers should demand TV ad be pulled, The Columbia Daily Herald, 7 June 2000
Saturn's drag racing TV ad dangerous, The Franklin Review Appeal, 7 June 2000
Elian: International example, The Advocate, 6 June 2000
Lift Embargo on Cuba, The Times-Picayune, 3 June 2000
Miami not Waco or Ruby Ridge, The Advocate, 4 May 2000
Desecrating the Constitution, The Advocate, 23 December 1999
Flag Burning Amendment Unwise, The Times-Picayune, 22 November 1999
A laughingstock, The Dallas Morning News, 17 November 1999
Flag-burning bans totalitarian, The Advocate, 16 November 1999
Patriotism can't be forced, The Houston Chronicle, 15 November 1999
Many to blame, The Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle, 14 November 1999
War crimes tribunal credibility, The Advocate, 16 June 1999
Blame is due Hollywood, The Houston Chronicle, 23 May 1999
Clinton and Kosovo, The Advocate, 1 April 1999
Sudan attack was overreaction, The Advocate, 4 September 1998
What happened in school vote, The Advocate, 5 December 1997
This only happens in the USA, The Advocate, 7 October 1997
Our Drinking Laws on Minors Must Change, The Times-Picayune, 21 September 1997
Covenant marriage good step, The Advocate, 12 June 1997
Boycotting Chinese products, The Advocate, 9 April 1997
Decertify America, not Mexico, The Advocate, 21 March 1997
Against MFN status for China, The Advocate, 6 June 1996
Ticket bad school bus drivers, The Advocate, 2 January 1996
Thumb-twiddling traffic lights, The Advocate, 19 July 1995
School-bag ploy transparent, The Advocate, 24 August 1994
At Long Last (re NAFTA), The Times-Picayune, 6 December 1993
Change U.S. health care now, The Advocate, 25 October 1993
French Health Care Excellent, The Times-Picayune, 19 October 1993
Nationalize U.S. health care, The Houston Chronicle, 18 October 1993
Thomas faces opposition because of race, Baton Rouge State Times, 12 September 1991
Missing asbestos needs tracking down, Baton Rouge State Times, 19 January 1990

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