Let children hear evolution debate


This letter appeared in the Advocate (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) on 14 June 2011.

This item may be cited as M. R. Franks, Letter to the Editor: Let children hear evolution debate, Baton Rouge Advocate, June 14, 2011, at 6B.

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Dear Editor:

This is in response to The Advocate's June 9 editorial, "Creationists win a round."

Children deserve to hear both sides of the evolution debate.  To expose them to only one side constitutes an establishment of religion:  the religion of atheism.

Fred Hoyle was the astronomer who in 1948 originated the atheistic "steady state" theory of the universe, postulating that the universe always existed and was never "created."  In 1964, scientists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, of Bell Laboratories, discovered what unquestionably are the echoes of the "big bang" (the moment of creation of the universe).  They received a Nobel Prize for their work.  The age of the universe was determined to be about 13.7 billion years - something science today generally agrees upon.

Thereupon Fred Hoyle had the courage to revise his thinking.  He calculated that 13 billion years are not long enough to enable evolution to produce life.

Hoyle wrote:

"If one proceeds directly and straightforwardly in this matter, without being deflected by a fear of incurring the wrath of scientific opinion, one arrives at the conclusion that biomaterials with their amazing measure or order must be the outcome of intelligent design.  No other possibility I have been able to think of. ...  The notion that not only the biopolymer but the operating program of a living cell could be arrived at by chance in a primordial organic soup here on the Earth is evidently nonsense of a high order."

Hoyle analogized random emergence of even a simple cell to the chance that "a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein."

The theory I accept is that evolution is the process by which God creates life, exercising His mind over matter and speeding up the process at the quantum level several millionfold.  I touch upon this in my book, The Universe and Multiple Reality (New York, iUniverse Press).

Isn't it time our children are given both sides of controversial issues?

Maurice Franks
professor of law
Baton Rouge

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